maandag 22 november 2010



Railroad personel is on strike here in Belgium. One major labour union is fed up with safety issues on belgium railroads. It was decided by labour union ASTB that a full pause in proper functioning of the railroads is exactly what they needed. What they are really trying to accomplish with these acts of terror is unclear to me. It would seem that the public support is needed in order to achieve greater general awareness on the subject. But frankly I don't think these actions are going to do any good.
Another, smaller labour union dislikes the CEO's decision to outsource cleaning operations to a private enterprise. The sociallist labour union fears that, because of this decision,  colleagues who suffered major injury will need to be fired instead of replaced to workstations they can still handle (like cleaning).
I am so happy I do not have to use the train until friday, for hopefully these matters will be dealt with.

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