woensdag 17 november 2010

last weekend's journey

So I promised you guys my thoughts on traveling in Belgium an The Netherlands. As an example I'm going to tell you about my journey last weekend. I had planned to go from 's-Hertogenbosch (a region capital in The Netherlands) to Leuven (kinda same sized city) by train. If you live near these city's you'll know about the terrible weather conditions, otherwise the news!
First problems first, the Dutch railway in all its wisdom decided to update some track on my planned route. As there was no way for me to go around it, I was going to need to take the bus instead of the train. Which would delay me with 30 minutes. But because of the heavy rain, the Belgium railway couldn't keep their trains going on time. So more delays were to be expected. Finally, when I was just getting ready to walk to the station a friend of mine texted me saying some idiot threw himself in front of a train at my station.
FML, even more delay. Luckily I had the possibility of taking the car, which is more expensive and terribly bad for the environment, but eh. I had a nice 1.5 hour drive and arrived all fresh and merry in Leuven (traveling by train really is different)

Hope you enjoyed,

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