woensdag 17 november 2010


In belgium people are allowed to smoke anywhere in the train station, waiting rooms, the platforms, walkways and sometimes even in the toilets. But as soon as one enters a train, smoking is striktly forbidden. What's up with that? i'd rather sit next to a smoker as opposed to a stinking drunk hobo.

Is it the same in your country?


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  1. im in Australia and we arent fucking allowed to smoke anywhere, not even out side the pubs even whole strips. its fucking annoying.

  2. smoking in closed rooms are health risks to everyone, even non smokers

  3. nice i like your post!
    Following you bro!

  4. In all the other places you mentioned, if the non-smoker is bothered, he can get walk away.

  5. Huh, that's crazy! I'm in Chicago and we can't smoke indoors anywhere. I can't imagine smoking on a train! We cannot smoke even on outdoor platforms. I'm curious about how much cigarettes cost there. Here in Chicago a pack costs about $10 USD. How about in Belgium?

  6. a pack here costs about 5 euro. Still expansive imo