woensdag 22 december 2010

exams comming up

Oh man I'm so glad we have interpol and all, tracing dangerous persons accused of crimes like mass murder, terrorism, human smuggling, drug trafficking and having sex without a condom.
Just saying. 

As you may have noticed I haven't been around for a while, with exams coming up I really had to start studying. And so I haven't traveld back and forth between The Netherlands and Belgium. But that doesn't mean I have nothing to tell you.

The Dutch railways experienced severe problems last winter, especially with failing switches and certain train components. This summer they worked hard (and got a lot of money) to fix these problems. Switches where equipped with heaters to withstand the cold and the components where replaced. Money well spend you'd think. Well, think again. 
Massive massive delays after the first snow showed up in the last part of november. The whole randstad region (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht & The Hague) was inaccessibleThe Dutch railways advise to commuters was to minimalize train traveling for a couple of days. Now with the second wave of snow not only the Dutch (and Belgian) railways are struck. International flights have also encountered massive delays. The airport of Zaventem (near Brussels) reported it was running out of anti-freeze used to remove ice from airplanes. London, Heatrow is still operating at reduced efficiency, although most snow is now gone. Charles de Gaulle airport near Paris is expecting new snow in the afternoon. Schiphol airport is in the process of returning back to normal flight schedules, although flights to the other mayor airports in Europe still may be canceled.

On the other hand we're going to have a white christmas according to meteorologists. Something we in the Netherlands always hope for, but not always seem to get. Remaining snow from earlier plus new snow in the coming 48 hours equals white christmas, can't wait!

I'm going back to my books now,
hope you had a nice read.


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